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The World is not enough to understand the depth of knowledge we have to go beyond it. Have to surf each and everything and educate ourselves by seeing, learning and listening. According to great stories, studying of history part reveals everything and takes us beyond our imagination. Extracting the parts of history we could find the great stories of kings and their dynasty as well as ruling period. Ornaments, gold, bronze, silver and which are used by kings, which are now great example for antiques. The things which are used by ancient and our forefather’s things are going good in the market. Things which represent it as antiques are antique clocks, 19th Century furniture and Desk.  
French antiques Melbourne 
We use antique things as decorations purport and as well as fortune brings. There are so many things that enhance the beauty of our amenity. The French antiques are more attractive fascinated antique pieces which are obtained in the earth.  French provincial Furniture Melbourne, Antique Chest of Drawers, books, French Clocks, Art Deco Figures, 19th Century Sculptures and even more.
Page Antiques established in Melbourne 1980. Formerly called High-Street ARMADALE and CAULFIELD Antique Warehouse we are now located Canterbury in Melbourne, in a colossal showroom and warehouse on Canterbury Rd. 
Page antiques stock a wide range of 19th century and early 20th century French, English and European furniture, as well as, antique French clocks, antique lights, antique sculptures and small decorative items.
We are always well stocked in the market, and we are well known for selling genuine quality of antique items at very affordable prices. We pride ourselves in being helpful in providing good quality, honest and knowledgeable and many of our customers return again and again.
Thank you visits our store again.
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